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For businesses, winds of change often come in the form of competitive pressures, changing industry economics, and/or adverse industry trends. When these winds are powerful, they can turn strategies upside down, weaken the strong, and destroy the ill-prepared. The subsequent challenges can wear down a management team and expose its weaknesses. Together, these obstacles can signal real problems for a firm. For entrepreneurs, a windy environment demands a level of judgment far in excess of what is required in tranquil conditions. Surmounting these obstacles time and time again is often what makes for a strong management team and a strong company. At ECHELON we help our clients overcome complicated and vexing challenges to achieve their goals in a way that keeps them free and clear of these business risks.

ECHELON’s Role with Clients
Our clients rely on us to help them:

  • Take a strategic approach to their business and view decisions objectively

  • Maximize the utilization of their resources: their employees and the dollars they invest in the company

  • Stay informed with respect to important market and competitive developments

  • Ensure preparedness to quickly capitalize on market opportunities and minimize the effect of negative trigger events

  • Climb to the top of the ladder to achieve industry leadership positions in various categories

  • Work more intelligently and effectively as a team


Fast Facts About ECHELON


Clients want and deserve the best in overall services, industry knowledge, relationships, and senior-level experience. In the complex world of wealth advisors, investment product developers and distributors, we believe no other firm offers a higher set of skills, expertise, and mission-critical advice to leading CEOs and industry decision makers. When you want to explore your firm’s highest potential, consider ECHELON Partners’ full suite of investment banking, consulting, and valuation services. With years of transaction experience on some of the most strategic transactions in the industry, we bring our unique approach to your firm to maximize value to your shareholders.

  • Our services include investment banking, management consulting, valuation, and board advisory.
  • Our resources include research reports, legal contracts, databases, financial models, and tools and technologies.
  • Our team consists of experienced professionals dedicated to helping you build a great financial services company.


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